Dr Faith has now retired from treating patients but is now available with Public Speaking, Coaching and Training in the realms of Personal Development & Achievement, Life Purpose, Health Assessment and Goal Attainment, Motivation & Empowerment for Individual Success, Holistic Health Care, Cellular Nutrition, Detox, Corporate Trainings and Ergonomics.

Dr. Faith Leuschen practices as a chiropractor in Torrance, California (CA). She has a keen sense for ailments on several realms and performs one of the most extensive personal histories and examinations in the field. With her background in body building, biomechanics, anatomy and neurology she has gained a wealth of knowledge in getting people back to functioning to their highest degree. What ever is Paining you, Dr. Faith Leuschen will help. For what she can not help you with , rest assured you will get a great referral that is exceptional for your condition. She is open to co-treat with your existing doctors. She works beyond what other chiropractors put out. Optimal Health, Cellular Nutrition, Exercise & Stretching needs with Instruction and Pain Relief or better yet Resolve is what her goal is for you! That is the corner stone of Total Body Balance! She trains doctors from across the nation in a variety of techniques and has plenty of her own techniques that she reserves for her personal patients. She treats not only the most severe neck and back pain, but also headaches of all kinds, expert with shoulders and knees, hip pain, arm and leg pain, ankle and foot pain. She also treats the symptoms of digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety and depression, brain fog, short term memory loss, Fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus and Post Stroke victims. She accepts car accident victims, pre and post surgery patients, workers compensation patients and she is versed on all the paperwork and legal sides of these matters. For an expert in pain relief and much more… caring and compassionate chiropractor in Torrance, California (CA), please contact Dr. Faith Leuschen today. She will be on your Team!

Find solutions to your pain, stress, injury, nutrition, weight loss, and the majority of health issues with the healing hands of Dr. Faith E. Leuschen at Total Body Balance & the Neurologic Relief Center in Torrance, CA. Visit us and get back to living life and feeling great!

At TBB & NRC we have seen positive changes in patients with the above conditions who have been left in pain and experiencing symptoms with no real answers. We offer a Neurologic Test which determines whether or not relief is possible within 10 minutes. Most patients experience a significant reduction of pain and/or symptoms during the testing, resulting in restored hope.

Dr. Faith is a Master Trainer of the Neurologic Relief Center Technique and thus has been filmed by the World Progress Report’s main center and featured on CNN, CNBC, Fox News, Discovery, & more. Each day she continues to help, treat and restore wellness in people throughout the South Bay with her healing hands.