The Faith Effect Corporate Programs


for Productivity and Performance

Repetitive Strain and Injury Prevention in Your Workplace
Motivational Speaking
Laser-focused Lunch-and-Learns
Group and 1:1 Coaching for Rising Stars

Motivation. Productivity. Performance. Profits.

It’s the ideal corporate result – and the direct result of engaged, aligned and inspired employees.

Injuries. Absenteeism. Phone-it-in-ism. Worker’s comp and insurance claims.

Not the ideal corporate result or culture.


I can help you fix that.

If you’ve detected or want to prevent a pattern of workplace injuries – factory or office-related – I’m a licensed chiropractor with 20+ years of experience and this is my physical field of expertise. I am available to tour your facilities and identify practices and postures that may present a risk of strain or injury to your employees.

The solutions can often be very simple. Adjusting equipment, practices and postures can make a drastic difference. I can work with groups of employees and one-on-one to teach them practical ways and best practices for keeping their bodies strong, safe and energized while doing their jobs.

And energy and workplace performance isn’t just a physical, task-oriented undertaking. It’s mental. It’s about motivation, opportunity, empowerment and confidence.

It’s about performance – in the fullest sense of the word.

An employee who sees opportunity to develop and advance is one who is committed and confident – and wholly energized and engaged with their careers and your company.

faithSpeaking2Sometimes the physical patterns (injuries, sick days) you’re identifying are a symptom of a deeper personal and cultural malaise.
I can help you shift that, too.

As a pure performance coach and experienced motivational speaker, I can speak to large groups; lead laser-focused lunch-and-learns; and coach teams and individual employees.

I teach your people how they can take charge. I teach them practical, implementable ways they can change their personal and work habits in order to foster unprecedented levels of productivity and performance.

Because what’s good for your employees is good for your company – and your bottom line.

That’s The Faith Effect: physical and mental alignment so your entire workforce can finally perform.