About Dr. Faith Leuschen and The Faith Effect


Oh yes, the About page. What am I about?


I am about pure, unadulterated growth.
I am about movement and momentum and going forward, always forward.
I am about abundance.
I am about choosing triumph. Even when shit happens. ESPECIALLY when shit happens.
I am about the action part of the law of attraction.
I am about 360-degree radiant health. Health physically, mentally, financially.
I am about unrelenting optimism.
I am about faith.

I am Faith.

My name is Dr. Faith Leuschen. I was a licensed, practicing chiropractor with a flourishing practice for twenty+ years. In my career as a chiropractor, I used my training to help thousands of people overcome pain and physical challenges. I helped people triumph.

And that’s my calling.

I spent two decades aligning people, physically. Now I’m ready to bring everything into alignment.

At the age of 46, I’ve retired from my 1:1 chiropractor practice to help you structure your career and every single area of your life so that you can triumph.

No matter what.

And I really mean that: no matter what life dishes out, you can choose to be triumphant.

I know this is true from painful personal experience.

At the very height of my practice, I was involved in a catastrophic car accident. First it nearly killed me…and then it tried to kill my practice, my finances, my relationships and even my beautiful family.

But I did not give up. I refused to surrender my triumph. I kept seeking. I kept trying. I kept working, working, working for my recovery (in all things). I believed, I believed, I believed.

I kept the faith.

It took years of seeking and fighting and persisting and working and believing to heal, rejuvenate, and rebuild my practice and my finances.

I did it.

And then I did more. I gave more. I offered more of myself. I rose even higher.

That’s what I want for you.

That’s The Faith Effect.

The Faith Effect is when you believe you can have and do more. You set that fierce intention and then you systematically arrange every element of your life to support your goal. You have radical faith and you act accordingly – which is to say, you act. You take action. You eliminate roadblocks. You sidestep anyone who would slow you down. You work. You work hard. Then you work harder. You move forward, forward, forward. You build momentum. You transform your life. Your health transforms. Your business transforms. Your relationships transform. You believe and you seek and you do. You achieve. You call forward your brilliant, beautiful life – the one that was once only a dream, but a dream you believed in.

You had faith, and now here it is: everything you ever wanted…and more.

That’s The Faith Effect. And it’s how I show up for you.

With coaching

With speaking

With corporate programs that transform workplaces and benefit employees and employers

With inspiration, deeply practical tips and tools, and regular communication.

Are you ready to invite The Faith Effect into your life?

Ready to believe in yourself and take the radical action you deserve?