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1:1 Pure Performance Coaching

I’m the kind of coach who has radical faith in your ability
to hear the truth, take action and PERFORM.

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Motivational Speaking

Have stage, will inspire

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Corporate Programs

Repetitive Strain and Injury Prevention | Workplace Wellness | Productivity + Performance

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Who is Dr. Faith?

I’m Dr. Faith Leuschen and I’m a coach, speaker, licensed chiropractor and entrepreneur with more than 20+ years of experience.

I’m all about performance – yours. I know you have outrageous ambitions and I don’t want you to back away from your truth.

I want you to seize it. Use it. Do it.

I’m here to help you do that –

– with my blog, newsletter, speaking engagements, corporate programs and group + individual coaching for rising stars.

Ready to get started? Email me and it’s on.

My Story

Everything – and I mean everything – in my life was perfect until I had a catastrophic car accident.

How I had faith, lost it, reclaimed it…and used it to propel me (and you!) to even greater heights.

What She Does


Pure performance 1:1 coaching sessions. For rising stars, ambitious entrepreneurs, executives and companies who want to outperform their field – and even their own expectations.


Injuries. Absenteeism. Phone-it-in-ism. Worker’s comp and insurance claims. Not the ideal corporate result or culture. I have programs and packages to help you fix that.


If you have a group who needs to hear a thunder clap of radical faith – AKA The Faith Effect – I’m ready when you are.

Concierge Chiropractic

Reduce pain and dysfunction in your body. Get your mind, body, and spirit back in sync. Enhance your life – and live it feeling healthier, more centered, and reinvigorated.

What Clients Say

“Courage. Strength. Joy. Compassion. Dr. Faith gave me back my life. She healed me physically, but more than anything she healed me emotionally. I have always been a creative, a dreamer, a lover, a helper. But often times when you give so much, you forget about you. You start to lose confidence, anxiety builds, and you become lost. Faith saw me for who I was beneath the anxiety. She helped me overcome my fears. She looked me in my eyes as I cried and repeated Michelle you are healthy. You are strong. You are healing. My tears would fade, and I started to grow stronger. I started to pursue my real desires, and made time for myself. My fears started to become my past and my future started to take shape.

In the year I have known and worked with Dr. Faith I have started my own business, regained my health, formed friendships that are unbreakable, and learned to network and truly harness my own inner power. Faith is a light in the darkness. She is a rare gem in this world. She will lift you up, inspire you and coach you to become who you were always meant to be. I am eternally grateful to this incredible woman, and if you are looking to leap outside of your comfort zone, you will want this woman by your side. Thank you Dr. Faith for guiding me back to myself.”

-Michelle Gerrard-Marriott

“Dr Faith’s has a very concise, practical, approach to her coaching style. Her expertise helped me to move forward being more clear on my intentions with an easy map to follow. I cannot thank her enough for her wonderful wisdom and insight, so beautifully worded. Her support, encouragement, and belief in me was very inspiring! I love her high level of positive energy, it’s exhilarating and a rare find in this world!

She helped me become more aware of where I am, where I really want to be, and more importantly what I need to get there. Dr. Faith’s guidance and honest feedback has taught me to embrace my own unique approach to life and live in a way that truly brings me joy!

I highly recommend Dr Faith to anyone who is committed to personal development.”

-Pat Gerwing, Isagenix international Wealth & Wellness Coach

“Dr Faith is an extraordinary coach with the unique ability to immediately get to the heart of the matter. During my initial brief session with her she quickly assessed my opportunity areas for growth and provided sound and easy to execute next steps. Her book recommendation was spot on and provided the guidance I needed to help myself really level up my personal growth. I am grateful to have met her and consider our time together tremendously valuable.”

-Beata Lorinc


“I am delighted at every opportunity to work with Dr. Faith with her deep knowledge, extensive experience and intuitive skills. She has the innate ability to lead large groups as well as to provide individual coaching experiences that changes lives. Faith is an extraordinary human being, a healer. I look forward to our next meeting.”

-Anita Sanchez, PhD, International Trainer, Coach, Author


“I was referred to Dr Faith for her medical expertise, yet upon meeting her, I knew she was much more than a ‘mainstream’ physician. My expectations were to get a quick adjustment and get back to my fast paced, high-pressure world, which didn’t include being, benched.”

Dr. Faith did have me feeling better on that first visit and not just physically. As a business women and mom, she understands the juggling act and how an injury can impede on daily success. She’s interpreted my situation swiftly and provided guidance and support on how I could still handle my responsibilities while healing my body. All of our systems work together, so being stressed out impedes success. Having an injury is stressful…it’s a loop that she helped me move through. She truly cares and is a great motivator and example of total health. She can help you have it all!

-Marisusan T – Warner Bros


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